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I'm an over-caffeinated crafty nerd who sometimes attacks paper with colored pencils.

(Wouldn't go so far as to call it art... maybe enthusiastic scribbling?)

This is what happens:

Fox Coloring Page

Interface Design & Digital Illustration

Autumn Fox Colored In

In-Game Coloring

Collaborative Painting Doodle

Paint and Gold Sharpie

Inktober Sketches

Pens on Paper

Inktober #2

Pens on Paper

Inktober #6

Pens on Paper

Digital Fingerpaint Tree

Digital Painting

ThisLittleMoon Blog

Logo, Website, Random Musings

Dino Valentine


"Baby Party" Invitation

Digital Illustration

Watching Luna

Colored Pencil Illustration


Pencil Illustration

Moon Rays

Colored Pencil Illustration

A Colorful Flower

Colored Pencil Illustration